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John M. Levis
Editor, Journal of Second Language Pronunciation
Professor, TESL/Applied Linguistics

Program Chair, Interdisciplinary Program in Linguistics 

Who I am

I have been teaching ESL for 30 years, mostly at the university level. For 25 years I have worked with teachers, teaching them, supervising them and presenting workshops on how to teach. My specialty is English pronunciation. This specialty has led me to explore a wide variety of topics, including teaching pronunciation, teaching other teachers about teaching pronunciation, the roles of dialects in teaching pronunciation, and examining what makes accented speech intelligible.

I have presented papers and taught in Canada, Singapore, Poland, the Czech Republic, Taiwan, Ukraine, Canada, Scotland and the US.  I have written articles about pronunciation teaching in a variety of journals, from the more theoretical (such as 
Applied Linguistics) to those that mix theory and practice (such as TESOL Quarterly) to those that are quite practically minded (TESOL Journal, ELT Journal). I am also the co-editor of several volumes, including Social Dynamics in Second Language Accent (Degruyter) and the Handbook of English Pronunciation (Wiley Blackwell).

I am the creator and organizer of the 
Pronunciation  in Second Language Learning and Teaching conference, now going into its seventh year. The conference attracts scholars and teachers interested in pronunciation from around the world and provides a freely available reviewed electronic proceedings (available various places, including my publications page). A direct result of the conference is the new Journal of Second Language Pronunciation (John Benjamins), of which I am the founding editor.

  jlevis@iastate.edu     Campus Box 1201, Ames, IA 50011-1201  
Office: Ross Hall, Room 337  Phone: 515-294-7524  Fax: 515-294-6814